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A Short Background of KTM Bicycles

Since 1964

The KTM Brand History

1934 Hans Trunkenpolz opens a repair workshop in Mattighofen Austria.

1951 Hans Trunkenpolz built his first motorcycle.

1953 The company is now officially known as KTM “Kronreif, Trunkenpolz, Mattighofen”

after company founders Hans Trunkenpolz and Ernst Kronreif and the Austrian location:

Mattighofen, where Hans Trunkenpolz began and the manufacturing plant was built.

1964 KTM starts bicycle production.

The early test methods of the Bicycle Frames


1987 KTM produces 93,700 bicycles per year.

1989 since 1964 KTM produces 1,000,000 bicycles.

1992 KTM is divided in four parts:

KTM Sportmotorcycles LTD

KTM Radiator LTD


KTM Bicycle LTD

2005 First WorldCup Victory for KTM by Yader Zoli

2007 Sept.: KTM Renegade Prestige (Model 2008) won Eurobike Design Award.

2008 Sept.: KTM Lycan 1.0 (Model 2009) won Eurobike Design Award

KTM 2009 to current


Since 1964 KTM produced and sold almost 3.000.000 bicycles. Design and produce 150

different models: KTM offer a full range of bikes;

MTB, Road, Cross, City, Trekking and E-Bikes (pedelecs).

Sales of KTM bikes per year (2008): 163.000 bicycles.


2010 KTM enters the South African market & in 2011 KTM brings out their 1st 29er.

2012 KTM Phinx 1.29 dual suspension 29er

KTM Revelator Master



R&D has 10 of the best engineering and technical employees in Bicycling design in Europe.

R&D include idea generation to 3D drawing PRO/Engineer, Construction, Tests, Design Calculations,

Assembling lists, Prototype-/ Sample-Manufacturing


In 2008, KTM invest of more than 200,000 Euro for brand new testing equipment

A bike‘s complete lifecycle can be simulated and tested within 70 hours.